Monday, July 28, 2014

Paul and Linda with an ex-Beatle girl and and old friend

This photo appeared on facebook today.  It was taken on September 7, 1976 during the very first Buddy Holly week party luncheon.    Paul and Linda are chatting with Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd.   I wonder if this is the first time Paul had seen Pattie since her split from George and I wonder if that was awkward.  


  1. Hi Sara, the first Buddy Holly Week party was held at the Lyceum Ballrom here in London on 7 September 1976. This pic was taken on 21 August 1976 in the backstage grounds of Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, when Paul, Eric and sundry others were there to see the Stones headline the annual festival. I think you posted a shot a while back of a mass of people (including Paul and Linda) posing for a group photo at Knebworth. This was the same occasion.

    1. The person who took this photo and posted it on facebook says that it was at the Buddy Holly party. I also notice that everyone is wearing Buddy Holly badges. Maybe Paul saw Eric at the Rolling Stones concert at the festival and invited him to the party a few weeks later?

  2. Hi Sara, that's possible but I'm sure the Lyceum Ballroom does not have a back patio or courtyard like this - it looks more like the backstage area at Knebworth. However that does not explain the Buddy Holly badges. Hmmm... I wil do some more digging.

  3. These photos are at the Orangery in Holland Park at the Buddy Holly luncheon. If you google it, you'll find even more photos ��

  4. Who's the guy between Stephen Bishop and Eric Clapton?
    Great photo, thanks!