Friday, June 13, 2014

More on the Dolly Birds

As you may recall, The Gilly and I teamed up a little while ago to figure out who the Dolly Birds were.   We found out that they were a group of teenagers that wore long dresses and gloves and basically dressed the opposite of the mini-skirted mod look of the day.  

Well---as seen in this quote from the article, "Adelaide, do you remember the Beatles ' 1964 visit," one of the Dolly Birds that dances with the Beatles in their hotel room lets us know a little bit more about that visit.   I guess these girls weren't "real" Dolly Birds but just dressed that way as a gimmick to get attention so they could meet the Beatles.   Way to go girls!  Great idea because it worked!

Triciann Allen shared her memories; “I remember when the Beatles came to town! I remember the queues around the block to get tickets for the shows, I remember the hysteria at the thought of seeing them and I remember meeting them in their hotel room courtesy of our group’s cute plan to dress as the infamous English Dolly Birds and get noticed by standing across from their hotel balcony on the steps of the opposite building. What a time. Not only did we get to meet them personally and spend the day with them but we had a three-page spread in Women’s Weekly with photographs as well. I now live in London and have had the pleasure of continuing my Swinging Sixties memories here.”

George and John with Robyn McInnerney, Rosemary Carter, Val Wilson and Pat Williams

These photos were scanned by The Gilly from the magazine "Everybody's" 8 July 1964


  1. An amazing idea indeed!
    I can't believe it worked. Those girls were clever, and the guys look so cute, acting like gentlemen.
    I love it.

  2. No they didnt I was there!