Friday, June 13, 2014

A day in the life of a Beatles security guard

Here is a nice story of one of the men who guarded the Beatles in Adelaide 50 years ago.   This story is from the Advertiser and was written by who else but Craig Cook.

 A Day in the life of a Beatles security Guard
By Craig Cook

BILL Scarborough’s part-time job as a security guard paid well over the odds the day he was assigned as a Beatles bodyguard.

He’s been living off the story for decades.

The Channel Seven audio operator, who later worked at Channel 10, was only 27 and a big fan of the Fab Four.

Reporting for duty on Saturday, June 13, 1964, Bill could never dream he would be joining three full-time staff of Metropolitan Security Service to protect John, Paul, George and drummer Jimmy Nichol – the replacement for Ringo Starr who had tonsillitis – at the South Australian Hotel.

“They were all really nice, ordinary, well-behaved guys,” Mr Scarborough said.

“I was a bit overawed being with them at first but they made you feel at home.

“When the Advertiser photographer rocked up to take pictures they insisted we have ours taken with them.”

Bill spent most of his time on the first floor of the plush hotel to prevent fans climbing the veranda posts to gain access to the apartments.

“It was all quiet inside but riotous outside,” Bill said.

“By the afternoon police were getting concerned how agitated the kids were getting without a glimpse of the Beatles so they got them to come out and wave from the balcony.

“The noise was incredible – I’ve never heard anything like that since.”

Mr Scarborough didn’t see anything “scandalous” occur but he was aware one of the band had an “Adelaide girlfriend” for his entire time in South Australia.

“Jimmy Nichol, ended up with a girlfriend that he kept bringing back into the hotel,” he said. “The guards used to put one of their hats on his (Nichol’s) head so people didn’t realise it was him coming and going at all hours.”

Bill, 77, and his wife of 58 years, Geraldine, have followed the Beatles and their amazing story around the world.

“Four years ago we were in Liverpool and got to go around all the famous sights connected with the Beatles,” Bill added.

Bill and Geraldine have four daughters, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren – who all love the Beatles.

“Their music looks like it really will last forever,” Bill said.

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  1. An insightful glimpse into the fascinating world of a Beatles security guard – a must-read for fans and enthusiasts alike!