Thursday, June 12, 2014

The first Australian concert

Some concert memories:

Madeline Marin and her friend Agnes went out and bought the very latest Carnaby Street fashion when they heard that Channel 9 was running a best-dressed competition with two tickets to the Beatles concert as first prize.
“We won, and Lionel Williams presented them to us live on the show and so we got tickets for the first show at Centennial Hall,” Madeline recalls. “All I remember is the noise and people stamping their feet on the balcony. I was frightened the whole balcony was going to collapse. It was mad.”

 "To this day I’ve not heard screaming or seen hysteria quite like it, it was epic”
--Ann Hartley

 “There was so much screaming that you could only SEE the concert But I didn’t care”.
 --Elizabeth Golding

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