Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coming back to Sydney

John, Paul and George had been to Sydney once before.  They arrived in the pouring rain and waved to everyone waiting at the airport.   Then they gave a press conference, but they did not perform a concert in Sydney at that time.    Ringo had also been to Sydney because that is where his plane from the United States had landed when he first came to Australia.   He, too met with the press before he left again for Melbourne.     This second time in Sydney was a much nicer day, weather wise and all four Beatles were together to wave to fans and on-lookers. 

About 1,200 fans showed up, which was a small number compared to previous days.   One fan in the crowd was a 68 year old woman who was wearing a "I Love the Beatles" pin and was very excited.  She told reporters that she was a big fan and she had a ticket for one of the concerts in Sydney.  

At one point, John saw a pretty blond reporter in the crowd and tried to get her attention by pretending to climb over the railing of the truck they were riding in .

I always can tell if the crowd is from this Sydney arrival by the heart shaped "I love the Beatles" that everyone seems to have.   There recently was a video out that says it was new footage of the Beatles in Melbourne.   I am not sure about the Beatles, but the fans were Sydney because of the heart papers. 

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