Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top 10 Blog posts of the past 5 years.

In celebrating the 5 anniversary of this blog, I thought it would be fun to look at my blogger stats and see what the top 10 blog posts of the past 5 years have been.   I honestly am  not sure how totally accurate the statistics on blogger truly are, but I figure that they are pretty close.   So here we go!

The Run Away
Posted February 18, 2014
443 hits

This is a recent post (less than a month old) and it is about the 13 year old girl who ran away from America to see the Beatles in concert.   It is a scary tale with a happy ending that most teenagers only dreamed about.  It isn't surprising to me that this one has gained in hits since I posted it.

9.  "No You're Not" said Little Nicola
Posted December 1, 2010
470 hits

This story came from the fanzine "Strawberry Fields Forever."   Little Nicola steals the scene with George and John on the Magical Mystery Tour bus with her cuteness.    I am glad that many of you wanted to know what happened to her.

8.  Wishing you All a Happy New Year!
Posted December 30, 2011
566 hits

I have no clue why this is on this list.   I typically wish all of you blog readers a happy new year, so I have no idea what was so special about the 2011 greeting.     The Beatles photo I posted with it is nice, but nothing super rare.   Who knows?

7.  The Beatles in Spain 1965
Posted June 5, 2012
642 hits

This was just a typical photos only post of the guys during the 1965 tour to Spain.   It is nice, but not sure why it is the top 10.

6.  John Goes to John's (repost)
Posted January 4, 2012
747 hits

This has been one of my favorite John stories.  As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that when I got better photographs that went with the story, I did something I almost never do and that is repost a story (instead of just linking to it).  I know that it  has been directly linked to a music page of the guy who plays the piano in the photo.    Wonderful photos and amazing story.

5.  Paul McCartney where?
Posted January 13, 2011
815 hits

This is a story about Paul McCartney's trip to L.A. in 1968 (also known as the Dirty Weekend) from Teen Set magazine.   There was a time when this post was making the rounds on facebook and other social media.  Great photos in this post and Paul's L.A. trip isn't something we get to hear much about, so it is interesting.

4.  The Beatles are our Bosses!
Posted:  January 30, 2014
831 hits

I am very happy to see this is listed as number 4 because I put a lot of work into this one plus I thought it was extremely interesting to see the Apple girls and what they thought about the Beatles as their bosses.   This post is currently making the rounds on social media, so I wouldn't be shocked to see it move up on this list a bit more.

3.  The Beatles Slept Here
Posted:  May 23, 2010
1682 hits

This is a great story I found in the St. Louis Beatles Fan club newsletter about when the Beatles stayed at Reed Pigman's Ranch in Missouri in September 1964.   Great story with great photos from Curt Gunther's collection. 

2.  Paul with Mary Hopkins September 1968
Posted August 16, 2009
1714 hits

This is the oldest post on the list and honestly I think the only reason it is at #2 is because I mistakenly called Mary Hopkin "Mary Hopkins"  (with an s at the end of her last name).   I think this post pops up on google when other people mistakenly put an s on the end of her name.  Mary looks beautiful in these photographs and Paul looks great too.

1.  Paul Goresh
Posted:  May 23, 2010
4707 hits

So this is the #1 post of this blog and it has been for many years.   I think people come to this post because of a morbid curiosity about the man who took the photo of John with his killer.   It makes me happy that you will not find that photo on this blog and this post isn't about that, but about Paul's fan-friendship with John. 

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