Sunday, March 9, 2014

The John Lennon Hour links

I want to send a big, huge THANK YOU to my friend, Jude Southerland Kessler for asking me to be on "The John Lennon Hour" radio program tonight.   I had never, ever been on the radio before and it really was a lot of fun.   I was extremely nervous, but it wasn't too bad once it got going because I was talking about something I have a passion for and something I could literally go on about for hour:  The Beatles!

Thank you also to my friends around the world as well as family members who went out of their way to listen to me on the John Lennon hour tonight.  I know some of you aren't even Beatle fans, but listened in to support me, and that truly means so much.

One thing I wanted to do was share the links of the stories that I shared on the program tonight with everyone.   I gave a very shortened version of what happened and I know you all would like to read the full stories. 

First here is the photo that I said was my "most unusual."   Honestly, this was the hardest question for me to answer.   The most unusual photo?

Here are the links to the story about the girl who ran away from home to London in hopes of seeing the Beatles in concert.

This is the story of Mark, the young man who was an extra in the movie, Help1

The story of the "All you need is love" blanket from the Montreal Bed In

The girl who saw John and Yoko on Mike Douglas Show

Fan at the Dakota

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