Monday, November 25, 2013

Macca Heaven in '77

Our Beatle pal, Graeme Leonard send in some more of his awesome McCartney photos along with a story that goes with it.   Thank you Graeme.  I love these!!!

Photo copyright Graeme Leonard. Photo is not to be copied and shared elsewhere without his permission  Paul McCartney August 1977

Photo copyright Graeme Leonard.  Photo is not to be copied and shared elsewhere without his permission.  Paul McCartney August 1977

“At the end of August 1977 I was traveling back to Newcastle from Wiltshire and had a few hours to spare in London.  Not having seen or spoken to Paul since the Wings dates at Wembley during the previous October, I decided to make my way up to St John’s Wood on the off chance of seeing Macca.  When I arrived in Cavendish Avenue there was a girl already waiting outside the house.  She introduced herself as Donna Horvath, from Cleveland, Ohio... on her first trip to the UK.  I mentioned that I’d met Paul a few times previously and reassured her that the house looked occupied... she could be lucky!!  She was excited at the prospect of meeting the great man.  We crossed to the opposite side of the street and stood on tiptoes to see the front door of the house.  After not too long it opened and Paul looked right across at us.  A few seconds later the gates opened and Paul greeted us fondly.  He recognised me from earlier times and said to Donna, “watch out for these northern blokes”.  Brilliant... he even remembered where I was from.  We talked about Linda expecting a baby soon and wished them all well.  Afterwards, Donna & me made our way to the ‘Heroes of Alma’ pub... just around the corner from the Abbey Road studios.  This was a favourite haunt of the musicians during their recording sessions.  We had a drink and exchanged addresses.  Donna was kind enough to send me a letter from the States, enclosing these two photos.  She took the solo pic of Paul... I took the one of them together.  If anyone on this site knows Donna... please pass on my good wishes”.

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