Monday, November 25, 2013

Is this Pattie Emerson?

One of the first stories that I posted on this blog was the one of 14 year old fan named Pattie Emerson.  Pattie traveled to London in 1967 and ended up meeting Paul, Ringo and George (as well as Jane and Mike).  Her story was printed in Datebook in two issues and her photos are now legendary.  

Last week someone on a blog posted this photo and said that they were pretty sure that it was Pattie Emerson standing on the left of Paul.

I had this photo in my files for years and I never once thought that was Pattie E.  Although the time period would be correct and it does sort of look like her.   What do you think??

For comparison, here is Pattie standing with George and outside of Kinfauns.

And here are the photos of Paul that Pattie took.  He is not wearing the same shirt as the above photo right?   Unless the coloring is wrong on the top photo, but even then the flowers look larger.   But then Pattie could have met Paul on more than one occasion when she was in London.  

What do you think?   Is it her or not?


  1. No Sara it is not Pattie Emerson on the left side of Paul it is our Apple Scruff Suejohn.

    1. Thank you! I guess I didn't expect to see Suejohn at Paul's house. :)

  2. john used to go to paul's house just about every day they were recording, he got there in the afternoon, so us john fans used to hang out there to see him.