Thursday, November 21, 2013

Early Beatles Pilgrimage tour

I found this photo on ebay and I just LOVE it!   Do you think it was taken in 1969?   In the autumn after Abbey Road had been released?    I just think it is so awesome that fans started tracking down Abbey Road right away for photo opportunities.   I am sure these teenagers also walked across the zebra crossing.  


  1.! Where do you get these?! Holy smokes! That's a killer!

    It definitely looks like autumn, and it definitely looks like late 60s, and they look like fans that had spent the entire 60s growing up with the Beatles, now in their early 20s, fantastic pic.

    I'd say that's the best photo ever....except every day is like that! Sometimes more than once a day! I haven't even seen what else you've posted today yet!

    A plus plus, teacher!!!

    I wonder where they are now!

  2. It appears to be the exact location where the photo for the back cover of the Abbey Road LP was taken. If you look at the arrangement of the bricks relative to the letters in "ABBEY ROAD", it's the exact location. Also, the "dots" on the wall behind the guy are the same ones in the same location as the LP cover photo. I suspect that this was taken AFTER the LP photo was taken because it seems that fans have already started to chip off pieces of the letters as keepsakes.

  3. I was just there last week. It's sad to see what once was 'graffiti', leaving your name or message with a pen or sharpie become this Banksy-style billboard size spray painting over these sites. Same for Strawberry Fields. Someone wrote their message in foot high yellow letters across the right wall. Really disappointing to see

  4. This wall has long been gone, this is the first picture outside of the back cover I have seen of this, great find!

  5. I can't help wondering whether she is the SAME girl that appears on the Abbey Road album back cover in a blue minidress?!!