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Ritz, Cream Cheese and Crackers

I have a story for you that comes from the July/August 1976 issue of the MacLen fanzine.  This was was written by Ann Bruno.  Larry Tepper was also there that day.   I spoke with Larry on facebook today and he shared with me some Vinnie Zuffrante photos that were taken that day.   You can see Larry in the photos along with his friend.   Larry says that the girls gave Paul the bathrobe and Linda wasn't too happy about it.  I really had fun finding out the information for this story and talking to people about it.   If any of you readers met Paul and Linda outside of the Stanhope hotel in 1976 and have anything you'd like to add, please do so.

Linda and Paul (with Larry to the left of them).  Paul is looking over at the girls from this story.  Photo taken by Vinnie Zuffrante

Linda and Paul (again with Larry next to Linda).  Paul is looking down at the robe that the girls in the story gave him.  Photo taken by Vinnie Zuffrante

Ritz, Cream Cheese and Crackers
From MacLen Issue 13/14 July-August 1976

How do you write about a day that meant something special to you?  Where  do you find the words that will convey that special feeling?  Believe me it isn’t easy because on May 23, 1976 a very special event happened again in my life.

It took place in front of the Stanhope Hotel in New York City.  At around 8:30, Margie P. Barb C., Stephanie G., Kay P. Kathy S., Kris S. Marla R., Sue F., Tempy S., Patti G., Nancy G, George Tebbens and myself found ourselves sitting myself found ourselves sitting around tables.  The Stanhope hotel has a French-style restaurant attached to the main building, equipped with a huge colorful canopy overhead.  We all sat there awaiting the arrival of Paul.  We found out early that he left by cab so all of us were watching all the cabs pulling up to the hotel.  After a while we decided to be a little elegant and ordered drinks and all of us were satisfied with ordering only one.  So we sat there and waited.  If anyone ever went thru this “waiting period” for a Beatle to arrive, then you can understand the anxiety that goes through you.  It is downright nerve wracking. 

At around 9:00, Margie, Kathy and George decided to try their luck at seeing John, so they left to go to the Dakota Building.  The rest of us remained and again waited, constantly keeping eyes glued for all the cabs.  Well, after a few minutes, a few of us decided to get something to eat , so off they went  to a small supermarket to buy some much needed food.  We were all starving and when they came back we proceeded to eat cream cheese, crackers, and various cheeses like it was our last meal.  We were all sitting there having a small picnic, chatting, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see a flash bulb go off.  I turned to see and there he was bouncing ever so beautifully.  It was Paul.  Oh god I couldn’t believe it.  He stopped and turned to all of us and said so sweetly, “Hello Girls!”  We were so surprised.  He was supposed to come back by cab and there he was standing there so beautifully.  The street light shone so brightly down on him and you could see him so perfectly.   We were shocked.  In fact, so shocked that Stephanie just stood there with cream cheese near her mouth.  He was wearing a beautiful brown leather jacket and new blue dungarees.   He was gorgeous.  He walked more and stopped directly in front of us.  I stood there just looking at him.  I wanted to plant everything about him in my mind.  I found myself speechless and I curse myself now for not saying anything to him.  But at the time I couldn’t talk.  The girls had a gift for him and Stephanie gave it to him.  He asked them if they wanted him to open it then and with a “yes” he proceeded to do so.  He even shocked them some more when he guessed what was in the box.   It was a beautiful maroon robe.  As he opened it, I kept my eyes glued on him.  I couldn’t get over how gorgeous his hair was and how beautiful his face was.  He said, “Thank-you” and “good-bye” and turned to walk into the hotel.   I knew he had to go but I didn’t want that moment to end.  As he disappeared into the hotel,  I sat down and cried.  He was so beautiful and I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  I wanted him to come out again but I knew that was impossible.  I thanked God for I knew I would see him again in concert the next night but I knew it wouldn’t be the same.  So I left the hotel a little wak, but very happy.  Paul thank-you very much for that special night.

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  1. Thanks Larry for sharing these photos, and, yet again, Sara, it blows me away how you put the pieces of the puzzle together: one from an old fanzine, from 1976 (!)....and the other from recent contact with someone who was actually there. Words and visual. Thanks for your efforts!

    Sweet story, and hilarious that Linda wasn't too happy about it! What could be so egregious about a bathrobe? "Oh no, not another bathrobe!"