Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eyes for Paul

Right now this is my favorite vintage photo of fans.   It was taken outside of the Plaza in 1964.  I love how this Paul fan has brought her heavy duty binoculars to gaze at the Beatles in their hotel room up above them.   Good thinking!   This photo just keeps drawing me back in and I keep looking at it.


  1. Wonderful photograph - the girls look amazing. It is almost as if you can see the history of rock 'n' roll in their faces. Dion, The Shangri-Las, The New York Dolls, The Ramones - they are all there. The cool girls understand.

  2. Wow great photo! She also looks like what people would have called a 'beatnik' in those days, with all that long hair, heavy eye makeup etc. Definitely what would have been thought of as, one of the wilder girls. Even the girls standing behind her look a bit wilder than average for that time, although to a lesser degree than she does. Lol I'll bet Paul would have loved to have met her if he had the chance...

  3. Fantastic photo. Yeah, these girls mean business!! These are no mere "We Love You Beatles Oh Yes We Do" squealers!

    Slight question: are you sure this is Plaza Hotel, or could this be a little later in the year, when they're at the Delmonico? I only ask because it was cold and rainy and snowy that February, and they look like they're a little under-dressed! Plus, the "I Love Paul" button, I think those came out later in the year....but I could be totally wrong. The main girl IS wearing a jacket...but whoever is next to her is wearing a sleeveless! And the rest seem to be in mere long-sleeve t-shirts. Just asking, O Wise One!

    (they also look a little overdressed for a NYC August - save for the sleeveless shirt!)

  4. Not pertaining to this specific photo, but I just wanted to mention again how fantastic your blog is! Each time I visit, I'm amazed by the wealth of information and the unique fan photos here - they are such a treat for a 2nd generation fan like me who was born in the early 80's.
    How interesting to read the stories behind these photos, to learn more about the Apple Scruffs, and to read anecdotes about encounters with the band.
    Thanks, Sara, for taking the time to run this blog and for all the effort and work that goes into it! :)

  5. Definitely not the Plaza - prob Delmonico or Warwick Hotel, NYC