Friday, November 23, 2012

So long Pete Bennett

I just read on one of the Beatles news sights that Pete Bennett passed away.  That made me want to share these photos that Lizzie sent a while back.  They were taken by Vinnie Zuffante.


  1. Not true Peter Bennett is living in CT and is fine. Stop spreading this story.

  2. I am very sorry if I got incorrect information. This is the article that the Beatles News has.

    Hopefully Mr. Bennett is well. Regardless, these are great photos!

  3. Great photos, Sara, dead OR alive!!!!!!-mg

  4. Geeze, there are many news stories of Pete's passing? Even close friends are interviewed regarding his death. Hummmm?

  5. Yeah, he's living in CT with Vinnie Zuffante.
    ...Cotton Towers, just passed the purley gates and turn left.

  6. You didn't give wrong information, Billboard magazine a good enough source?:

    Whoever is the particular Anonymous who left the first comment, next time you leave a comment, why don't you do it without the attitude and snark. Sara puts alot of love into this blog, shares all this stuff with us for FREE.....a simple correction would have sufficed....and it turns out you were wrong all along. -mg

  7. Thank you mg. I am sorry to hear that the original reports were correct and Pete had passed away on Thanksgiving day.

    1. Ah, of course, Sara. People should be lining up to give you hand massages, for all the typing you're doing on these amazing stories!!! Not scolding you!

      Hey, by the way, (and not to be maudlin), don't know if you remember or not, but there's no need to scan that Stu Sutcliffe death article that's in one of those fanzines I sent you....just found it by chance here.

      Poor Stu. Two things I wish we knew about Stu: what his voice sounded like, and what his humor was like! Was he "Beatley"? (he must have been!). I keep a list of questions for Macca if I ever get a chance to interview him (fat chance!)...and that's one of them!

      Good ole Pete Bennett. Look at him up there, hanging with John, looks like they're having a great is so fleeting :(