Monday, November 12, 2012

Sara's review of the Paul McCartney concert

Having me review a Paul McCartney concert is a bit pointless, isn't it?   Here I am a person who spent most of her free time documenting what this man and his three friends did every day of their lives by analyzing photos and story of other people from around the world.   I listen to his music constantly and some people say that I am obsessed.    I actually have been know to say that  if Paul McCartney was selling tickets to come up on stage and fart into a microphone, I would pay for the ticket to see it and would most likely think it was awesome.    So yeah....what can someone like me really say about the Paul McCartney concert?

So let me just say what I overheard two guys (who were in their mid 20's) saying after the show last night:

Guy 1:  "Hey!  I didn't know you were going to be at this show.   That was awesome!"
Guy 2:  "Wow...nice to see you.   That was an amazing show!  I had no idea that Paul McCartney was going to do a show like THAT!   That concert just might be the best show I have ever been to!"
Guy 1:  "Hands down.  Best show ever.   No comparison."

I wanted to interrupt these two guys' conversation and say,  "Duh!  This is Paul McCartney.  What else would you expect?  Of course is he awesome.  Of course his concert is beyond amazing!  That is what he does."

So what made the Paul McCartney show so amazing?   Well first of all, it is the mere fact that you are in the in midst of the greatness that is Paul McCartney.    There is the guy who was in the Beatles....and was John Lennon's song writing partner.   Same guy.   That totally blew me away.   It wasn't some Paul look alike singing his songs, but the real deal.   The second amazing this was that he is 70 years old and didn't take a break for 3  straight hours.   He didn't stop to get a drink of water.  He didn't stop to catch his breath or change clothes or use the bathroom.  He just kept going with more energy than anyone (except for maybe Ringo.  He might be tied with Ringo in that department).  His voice was so strong and he even hit the high notes!  I have no idea what changed from the weak voice that I heard over the summer during some performances (such as the Queen's Jubilee concert) and November, but wow...he sounded like HIM!  The third thing is the songs.  Oh the songs!   One hit song after another.  They just kept coming.   Sure there were songs that I wish he had performed.   But overall.....amazing set list!   My favorites were:  Let me Roll it, Paperback Writer, 1985, Maybe I'm amazed, Blackbird, Dance tonight, Mrs. Vanderbuilt, Lady Madonna and Birthday.  

Here is what I didn't like.  The first thing was the ticket prices.   I spent $168 on my ticket.  It wasn't a "bad" seat, but it wasn't close enough for Paul to see me.   To get in one of the front rows, I would have had to have paid $2,000!!!  That is insane!    There is no reason why the tickets need to go so high except for the mere fact that there are crazy people that are willing to pay thousands of dollars on tickets.

The second thing was that  I did not like the performance of the song, "A Day in the Life / Give Peace a Chance."   Well...I mean I liked it, but it was my least favorite performance.   "A Day in the Life" is one of my favorite Beatle songs, and I like how you hear John first and then Paul and then it goes back to John.   Hearing Paul's voice the whole time just didn't seem right.  I have no problems with Paul performing a song that he typically didn't have the lead vocal on (heck John sang "Saw her Standing there" in 1974 on stage), but somehow Paul singing "A Day in the Life" just didn't work for me because the first part is such a John song.   And then Paul didn't sing the last verse.  There were zero holes in the Albert Hall because he jumped into a very long chorus of "Give Peace a Chance."   For some reason this just seemed strange to me.  Maybe if there was a photo tribute to John going on?  I am not sure.  *shrug*

I am still floating on a Macca high and my thought are all jumbled up.   But here are some photos I took at the concert.   The happy part is that I took them, so I own the copyright and I have the rights to post these photos without anyone complaining about it.


  1. I was at the concert too! (and the one in St Louis in 2002). I agree with you - it was an AMAZING concert. I did like Day In the Life/Give Peace a chance; I thought it was a nice "tribute" (but yes, I did miss the last verse). I was amazed with his energy - and being able to jump up after that stumble like it was nothing.
    Agree with you about the ticket prices except that I blame the all the internet ticket agencies that hike the prices up so much (it seems ticket master and crowd surge, while still expensive, are more reasonable.)
    Wish there would have been a write up in the paper about it - I didn't see anything. But glad I didn't miss out on seeing Paul!

    1. Sugarplusfaery: Do you live in the St. Louis area? I am always looking for local fans to be friends with "in real life."

      It isn't just Paul tickets that are so expensive, it is ANY big named group or performer. I really think things have gotten out of hand. Average people can no longer see performers due to the high prices and extra charges.

    2. Unfortunately no, I'm about 2 1/2 hours north in Illinois (but my best Beatle's pal is right outside of St Louis) I'm always on the look out for Beatle friends 'in real life' too - but am not opposed to friends online :) (and I've been known to travel).

      And you're right, tickets for anyone are expensive. There were 4 of us at the concert Sunday night, but if it was just 2 of us, we might have sat a little closer.

  2. glad you had such a good time, sara!

  3. congrats! i saw him last year at the Hollywood Bowl and had pretty good seats.

    Paul was out of control-amazing!

    not for one moment, did he seem tired, bored or as if he was 'phoning it in'. for well over three hours, he poured his heart into every performance.

    the weird thing is, even if he had, i would've enjoyed it. just think of his age combined with how many times he HAS performed these songs already.

    what an amazing talent AND what an amazing person who doesn't take that talent for granted...when at his place in the world, it would be very easy to.

    glad you got to see him!

  4. Happy you had a great time, the pictures are fantastic! I agree about the ticket prices, which is why I've never seen Macca ever. (my dad says it best: "I saw the Beatles in 1964 for five bucks.....what's going to be better than that?"

    It was nice when Paul did the Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance thing 20 years ago, but now it's getting a bit old, he does it every time and I agree, I'd love for him to sing another John song, especially a less "obvious" one. I didn't like that he did "Here Today" and "Something" every show either (did he do those in this show?). To me, it spoils the specialness of those songs, especially if he just makes the death of two Beatles "part of the show", with the same stage banter every night. The year George died it was very appropriate but it's been over ten years, it's a bit of a downer.

    Keep up the great work, Beatle-sis!

    1. It was nice that Paul did "A day in the life and Give peace a chance." I didn't dislike that he did them, I just wasn't crazy about it. Paul did perform "Here Today" and "Something." I enjoyed the photo tribute to George during "Something." I thought it was silly that after "Here today" Paul says something like, "that is the song I wrote for John." Like we didn't know that? However, it was worth spending the crazy amount of money on one time. Not something I could do on a regular basis.

  5. hi sara glad you went to the concert. about the hight prices let me tell you that in mexico city first row tickets for paul's concerts last may cost 28000 mexican pesos that is $2800 dollars.

  6. Sara, tonight i played powerball for 168 million, when I win I will ask Paul to give me a private concert to which I will extend a free invite to those of us on this thread. Hey, you never know:-)

  7. I saw Paul last year it was the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. Sometimes I cry when I think about it.