Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yesterday...these two pictures were from yesterday...

The memorial service for our dear Victor Spinetti was held in London yesterday.    Those who were in attendance say that it was a very nice service.  There was a mixture of readings and music, including a reading of "The Fat Budgie" and the song "in my life."  Paul McCartney was there and he read something he had prepared about his memories of Victor.   Afterwards, Paul mingled outside of the church for a bit and posed for photos with a few fans.  Then Paul was off to the Magical Mystery Tour showing.   Busy day for Paul on October 2nd!

photo:  Richard Porter

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  1. Must have been eerie, attending Mr. Spinetti's memorial service....and then going to a MMT screening, watching him alive and young(er). On the other hand, Paul's pretty glib, maybe didn't ruffle him too much!

    You met Victor Spinetti! He must have been so nice!!!