Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy together

I found this photo on a German site and the text was in German.   But I think this young man met Ringo either through a "Make a wish" charity or he won a contest.    Either way, the photo was taken in Hamburg during the celebration of Ringo's 71st birthday in 2011.

Edit:  I mistakenly said it was Ringo's 70th birthday, which was incorrect.  oops!


  1. Wouldn't 2011 be his 71st Birthday? Ringo is from 1940.....

  2. Surely Ringo's 70th birthday would have been in 2010, since he was born in 1940.

  3. Ooops....leave it to you readers to point out my mistake. It was Ringo's 71st birthday in 2011 when this photo was taken. I meant to put that. Can I just blame my work stress for the mistake this time? Thanks for the help.