Monday, July 2, 2012

First photo of John Lennon's boy

These photos are from the May 27, 1976 issue of the New York Daily News (which by the way only cost 15 cents).   I just won this off ebay and I wanted to share the photos with everyoneThe photos were taken by Richard Corkery.

Exclusive:  the course of the true love of ex-Beatle John Lennon and Yoko Ono as not always run smoothly.  But everything has been lovely since the arrival - on John's 35th birthday - of Sean Ono Lennon.  He was born in New York Hospital last Oct. 9 and his daddy immediately dubbed him an "all-American boy."  The never previously photographed infant is Yoko Ono's first child of her marriage to John.  She has a 12-year old daughter by former husband Anthony Cox.
Seven-month old Sean Ono Lennon is out for an airing in his nursemaid's arms

John and Yoko wait for limousine outside their apartment

Doorman carries John's gear to waiting limo.  Groupies outside said John's off to Chicago.

John and Yoko are very much together after some ups and downs.

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  1. Unbelievable. How you dig this stuff up, I just can't believe it. 1976 Daily News.

    I wrote to John around this time, I was literally like six or seven years old. I don't know what I wrote but I'll bet I asked alot about The Beatles. I remember it was in the Playboy interview I guess, or one of his last interviews, he mentions getting letters from kids who ask him about the Beatles and he thought it was sick! I always have wondered if it was my letter that made him sick!!! Well, if it was....sorry Johnny! But don't blame me that you were that good!!! Ha!

    I grew up on Long Island and someone once told me that Lennon had a house in my hometown (Rocky Point)....but I never believed it.

    By the way, Sara, just a slight typo in your subject line, the word "First". (not that I care!!) (or maybe the photographer's name was Frist?)