Friday, June 29, 2012

Rushing by

John rushes by a fan to get into the Delmonico Hotel in New York in 1964. 


  1. Is John rushing because he knows Dylan and Aronowitz are waiting inside? ;-)

    1. HA!

      One of THE best Beatle books is the Al Aronowitz book, which is out of print. Talk about "Meeting the Beatles For Real"!!! I lent my copy out and never got it back and am kicking myself. I HIGHLY recommend it for any fan to hunt that book down, it is absolutely priceless. It's called "Bob Dylan and The Beatles: Blacklisted Journalist Vol.1", unbelievable stories, from all eras of their careers, including going to the Isle of Wight, George at Bobfest, hanging with Dylan and the Beatles in 64 and also 65.

      On another note, thank you Sara for posting this: my Dad was at the Forest Hills concert! I have him tell me the story practically every time I go home. He and a friend stole his friends' dad's car, went, and was blown away. My Dad was also working at Kennedy Airport (or Idlewild, I guess, was what it was called then) when The Beatles first came in February of '64 and they ran right by him on the way to the press conference.

      My Dad was in a band at the time, and one of the other guy's in the band told me a great story about how he's home and someone calls him "Have you heard the new Beatle song yet?" "No, I haven't!!!". He said he ran right to his car, turned the radio on, and within moments the DJ comes on, "and now, here's the new Beatle song"....."DER DADADA DADA DAAAA" it was Day Tripper, and within the first three seconds of the riff, he said he slammed his hand against the steering wheel and shouted "The Beatles do it again!" Instant classic.

      Anyways, that's all I can share, but thanks for this and every other post on this amazing blog. (by the way, somewhere on this blog you say that people don't read the articles you post....I do!!!)


    Just wanted to say that.

    You photo scans are excellent, nice and hired, very clean and a great overall subject of rare Beatles Photos!

    Thanks for your work and blog!