Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Her Heart went "boom"

Oh what a disappointment! I bet this girl never let her parents hear the end of it for not letting her go! I found this story here and it was written by Ron Hayes.

On Feb. 7, 1964 — only ten weeks after the assassination of JFK — a shaggy pop group called The Beatles landed at the recently renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, and that new generation of Americans he had inspired found its song.

Kathy Fay shared a bit of that history, too. Through her father’s position as undersecretary of the Navy, her mother had become friendly with the wife of David Ormsby-Gore, the British ambassador to the U.S.

“As soon as my friends heard the Beatles were going to give a concert at the Washington Coliseum, they all started asking me to ask my parents to get us tickets,” she remembers.

“I’m begging my mother. I hounded her and hounded her. Say you’ll pay for the tickets!”

Finally, Anita Fay relented.

Yes, Sylvia Ormsby-Gore, replied, she could provide tickets for Kathy and a few friends. And she would also be hosting a small reception for the band prior to a masked charity ball at the British Embassy.

At the 28-minute Beatles performance, their seats were bad, the acoustics worse, and the deafening screams almost frightening.

But then, on that night of Feb. 11, as she stood in the embassy scarcely believing her good luck, Paul McCartney came over and whispered in her ear: “Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you.”

“I was just doing that to embarrass you,” he said. Then he asked her to be his date at the masked ball later that evening.

Kathy sought out Mrs. Ormsby-Gore, who immediately squelched the idea.

“No, no, it wouldn’t be appropriate,” she said “It’s going to be late and for adults.”

A crushed Kathy reported back to Paul.

“Oh, sure, you can,” he told her.

Again she asked. Again the ambassador’s wife refused.

And so, instead of a date with Paul McCartney, she got pictures — with him, and another with all four Beatles.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sign for fans

Leaving Savile Row

Too cool not to post

I try my best to stick to the theme of this blog, which is fan type photos. However, sometimes I find Beatles photos that are just too cool not to share even though they aren't "fan type" photos. However, this series of frames of Paul does have some relevance because Paul is wearing a shirt that we have seen him wear in many, many fan photos.

John's lovely sweater vest

Beatles fashion

I would bet this is a staged photo, but still I love the Beatles dress!!

Vegas Baby!

Some glimpses of the Beatles in Vegas during the 1964 tour.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's easy...

These photos are pretty funny, aren't they? John looks like he is sinking into the floor and Ringo appears to be making the type of noise that I make when I am tired or frustrated with someone.

The Lennon stance

Here we have Paul (where at they located? On the farm?) standing in the traditional "John Lennon at Kenwood" stance.

Mother and daughter

this may be one of the few photos I have seen that show Linda smoking!

Abbey Road John again

I love it when I find this stuff!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm a Dark Horse

This is a really neat Vinnie Zuffante photo of George during the Dark Horse tour of 1974. Great way to show many different photos at once!

When I was younger, so much younger than today..

The look on John's face during this press conference is almost as if he is yelling out "Help!" in his mind!

At the races

There has been a lack of George photos on this blog lately....so I thought I better post one!

Fan Club Paul and Linda

I really love these fan club photos that could be purchased in 1969 of Paul and Linda. They are super sweet!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinned Striped suit

I really got a kick out of the fact they are standing near 5 Cavendish Ave in the 2nd photo because I remember seeing that number 5 this past summer and knowing we were REALLY close to Paul's house (his is number 7 and does not have a number). I also totally dig the Lennon-type glasses the fan is wearing. These 2 photos were taken on the same day and are currently available (with copyright) on ebay. Good deal for someone!

Bearded Lennon

There is one of our favorite Beatles fans, Lizzie Bravo in the yellow dress, taking photos of her favorite Beatle!

Long Island

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Linda says hello

There is something about this photo that really appeals to me.

Ringo gets carried away

I got a nice laugh out of this photo.

Colorful Kenwood

I am sure a lot of you saw this gorgeous John photo on Miss Tammy's Beatles photo blog today. And I am sure that most of you passed on just like I did when you saw it. However, I especially loved it because it is a larger and different frame of my all time favorite Beatles fan photo! This was taken at Kenwood. John had the door painted and you can see the naked lady door knocker. I want more from this fan!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


John and Yoko

This looks to be taken from around that time that John and Yoko went to Chicago? John seems to be wearing the same (or similar) shirt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting Pattie Harrison

I found this story about a fan meeting Pattie Boyd in the Pattie Boyd yahoo group. It was written by Barb Fenrick, who I consider to be one of the leaders of Beatle fans. She was the person who ran the fanzine which I took this blog idea from, The Write Thing, and if you remember from a previous story, she is the person who was invited into Paul's home at Cavendish and got her photo taken with him on the back stairs! This is a great little story about meeting Pattie Boyd (which I must gloat and say that I have met her as well....)

“Meeting Pattie Harrison”

1969 Fan Encounter by Barb Fenick

“The one time I met Pattie personally was in the summer of 1969. During the weekdays
the Beatles were recording at EMI studios, and several times we had seen Pattie drive up
in her own car and spend a few hours inside. Yoko was of course always accompanying
John, Linda came almost every evening and went home with Paul, but Maureen and Pattie
came only once in awhile - of course they had a long distance to travel up from Surrey
too, and Linda only lived around the corner.

One night on the radio we heard George giving an interview and he happened to mention
that the next day, July 27th, was an Indian holy day and there would be a peace march
starting from Hyde Park, and he thought he might go to it.

Of course my friends and I all went down there. We didn’t see George anywhere, but we
did get right into the spirit of the thing, and marched along with everyone else, clapping
and singing Hare Krshna. It wasn’t until we’d already gone several blocks that I
recognized that the girl in front of us was Pattie Harrison. We had been marching right
along unsuspectingly, singing and clapping right smack behind her. She was with Terry
Doran, who is mentioned several times in Hunter Davies’ book. Terry lived at George’s &
Pattie’s Esher bungalow, and was a close friend of both of theirs, acted as chauffeur,
gopher, bodyguard, escort for Pattie, and all around confidant. Pattie’s sister Jenny, who
married Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, was also along.

Well, once we’d recognized them, we had to say something. So I asked her if she wanted
one of my ‘Beatles Rule’ buttons. She thought I was trying to sell it to her, and said, ‘No,
I don’t have money with me.’ When she realized she could just have it, she smiled and
pinned it on her dress. Aside from a few jokes with her about how hot it was (in the 80’s),
we left her alone, to enjoy the exertion of it all in peace.

The march ended up at Trafalgar Square where there was a rally, and speeches, and more
singing. We stayed till the end, and as the crowd thinned out we saw Pattie and Jenny
standing alone. Jenny was looking flush and sick probably from heat exhaustion, and we
offered her some aspirin, kleenex, and other medicinal aids that Americans are so prone to
carry about. And just before they were about to leave we asked Pattie if we could take one
posed poloroid picture of her, which she very sweetly allowed and then we bid them all a
peaceful trip back to Esher.

From this encounter, and judging from her cheerfulness at EMI, I always thought of
Pattie as a pretty straight, unaffected young woman, who just happens to be very beautiful
and married to George Harrison."

Not all Beatles encounters were as pleasant. After finding John in a bad mood when they
rang his doorbell in July 1969 Barb and her friends waited at Kinfauns...
“George found us in his driveway one day and was also quite surly. Pattie had been in
Paris modeling and he’d just come back with her from the airport. He was in a terrible
mood, and she got out of the car and slammed the door and then slammed the house door
as well, so it appeared they were having a fight and we picked a rotten time to show up.”

(Barb Fenick spent three weeks in London during July and early August of 1969 and had
several wonderful Beatles encounters. Later the very knowledgeable Barb Fenick was
editor of the Beatles fanzine The Write Thing during the 70’s and 80’s in which she told her
Beatles stories.)

Teeny tiny Mull of Kintyre

I know Miss Tammy always says that size doesn't matter....but this one is a little too small for my tastes. However....it is still worth posting!! Just wish it was bigger. Many thanks goes to Joanne for sending me many, many Paul and Linda photos recently!

Like father like son...

These two really do look alike!

Angry Harrison

I have posted this photo before, but it was washed out. This cleaner version REALLY shows off George's angry face. Be careful camera man.....he is known to throw water at guys like you!

Knows not where he's going to....

so this photo falls into the "new to me" category and I liked it enough that I thought I would post it. Thanks to Guus for sending it along! John in the "Lost Weekend" era has always been a favorite time period for me! Notice that he is once again wearing May Pang's jeans in this photo!

Kenwood Driveway

There is a new frame in a series of photos that were taken of John standing in the driveway at Kenwood. I like posting all of them (even though 2 have already been posted) because I enjoy seeing things as a set. I know...I can be such a geek!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Snapshot of Paul

Safe as Milk

George and John both have these stickers in their homes in 1967.. This is a great shot of the sticker on George's front door!

Fur coat

I think these photos are from 1977....most likely during the winter in New York.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweden 1963

When the Beatles traveled to Sweden in the fall of 1963, they met a large number of fans (who obviously gave them flowers) at the airport for who they stopped to sign autographs for. They weren't able to stop and chat and sign things for fans at airport shortly after this.

London Town

Press conference close-ups