Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bearded Lennon

There is one of our favorite Beatles fans, Lizzie Bravo in the yellow dress, taking photos of her favorite Beatle!


  1. thank you sara, it feels really good to be liked by one's friends! that's me alright, with my trusting cheap copy of an instamatic (i bought it at boots pharmacy and still have it!), trying to get a good shot in one second flat! there were many hits, but also many misses. the worst part is even if it's just a blur, i haven't been able to throw away my bad pics or negatives... have to do so one of these days.

  2. Please DON`T! It`s history! (even if blurry)

  3. First I though "That's Yoko, not John."
    And then I saw a beard, and I was speechless.
    I can't believe John has EVER had a beard that long! I've certainly never seen his facial hair like that!

  4. Samantha,
    A good look will reveal that it's BOTH John & Yoko.
    One can see where John's beard ends, and from there it's Yoko ( or somebody's ) hair. ( There's certainly a color and texture differance too )
    If John had indeed grown it out that long, he'd have had to have gone into hiding for a year to never have had another pic taken of it !