Monday, October 17, 2011

The other Beatle wedding at Marylebone

People are still all a-talk about Paul and Nancy's wedding last weekend at the Marylebone Registry in London. Reporters seem to be quick to point out that is where Paul and Linda also were married. However, I haven't read one single thing that mentions that a 2nd Beatle had a wedding ceremony at that location as well, Ringo Starr and Barbra Bach! And so I am going to post a fan story, written by Tracy Harris, which was published in the Aug/Sept 1981 issue of The Write Thing.

And just a side note for those who don't know and are reading this. Marylebone is not (much to my mother's surprise) pronounced Mary-La-bone. It is pronounced more like Mar-le-bun. Although my mom still calls it Mary-La-Bone.

It just so happened that on Monday 27, April, a friend and I were planning one of our regular visits around London when we saw on the front of the Daily Mirror: "Ringo to Wed". We knew it had to be at the Marylebone Registry Office so we headed there. By 9:30 we were set waiting along with 4 photographers. A policeman came up and told us the wedding wasn't until 3:20 and hinted we should leave but we wouldn't. The hours passed and by 1:00 there were about 20 photographers and 3 camera crews, 10 fans (true fans) and 20 onlookers. Pressmen were asking us about Ringo's children, then Paul's and then interviewed us about how a bunch of 15-year-old girls could call themselves dedicated fans as were weren't even born when the Beatles were in their heyday! Won't tell you what we said. We were sort of lining the steps up the registry office but selfish pressmen just edged their way in without a care for us (then turned to us and asked if we'd all scream to get a picture of '81 Beatlemania) but we didn't.

By 3:00 we were getting very nervous as we'd hoped to get just a tiny glimpse of Ringo (it would have been a big glimpse but the pressmen pushed us out). A taxi pulled up and Barbara's sister got out. We were quick on our toes and while the pressmen got their cameras ready, I pushed in between two and stayed there! Zak and Jason pulled up in another taxi and we were flabbergasted! Zak is absolutely gorgeous! He seemed very shy as we shouted out, "Hi Zak..." Ringo's mum and dad followed. Then opposite us there was cheering but we couldn't see Ringo- instead came Paul in all his glory. We all just screamed like mad - many in shock. Linda, as usual, was hooked to his left arm while baby Jamie was quietly sitting on his right arm. He seemed very pleased and happy and waved at us (all 10 of us!) Then shortly after, Ringo, Barbara, Lee and Barbara's daughter all got out of a taxi. We screamed but Ringo seemed a bit angry. Barbara is really beautiful -- and she seemed pleased with the crowd. Then there as a 20 minute break. In the meantime, I had shot up to Smith's and bought confetti as no one else had any. I got settled in my place again but this time I had a BBC camera over my right shoulder. I asked the man would we be on the 9:00 news. He pointed at the confetti and said, "not if you throw that bloody stuff!" Charming!

Anyhow, with no time to spare, a man came out with a dark-haired lady and ran down the stairs. By mistake I threw confetti over them as I thought the first people out would be Ringo and Barbara. The man and woman got into a taxi. The man who was commentating behind me mentioned George Harrison. I turned around and asked, "where?" He pointed at the taxi and said, "there." Of course we all went berserk -- 3 Beatles in 20 minutes! Paul came out again and I reached out and touched him; threw confetti and took pictures. Then Ringo came out. A big cheer rang out and this time he looked happy and waved at us. While waiting down the steps he tripped on Barb's dress! Soon it was all over and we were feeling stunned. After hoping to just get a glimpse of one Beatle, we saw three!

I don't mean to be nasty, but I couldn't help but notice how Paul has seemed to age since John's murder. His hair at the front is grey. George looked pale, extra thin and tired. Ringo's eyes have all wrinkles around them. I know that's expected, but there have been more since December. But still a very memorable day!

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  1. I was studying in London at the time, and I tracked down the reception to Rags - highlight of my life! A Newsweek photographer gave me his place in line, and I took pics and got Linda's autograph! Every time the door opened, I would slip inside, and a bobby would gently escort me out. Once the door popped open and Paul was just inside. He said, "You still here, Blondie?!" It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life!