Monday, August 23, 2010

Always loving' Harry

Ever since I saw the Harry Nilsson Documentary at the Fest, I have been on a real Harry kick. I went out and bought Nilsson Schmilsson on Cd and have been listening to it non-stop in the car. His songs have been running through my head like a radio for days and I it doesn't even bother me. So I became a fan of Harry's on Facebook and got some wonderful photos of Harry to share with the rest of you.
All Beatle fans really need to see this film because there is a never before seen photo of Harry, John and Paul from April 1, 1974!! The only other known photos from this day that have John and Paul in them are one from May Pang and one in a Keith Moon book. Also the story about George Harrison at Harry Nilsson's funeral is classic and hilarious and just so perfect.


  1. Sounds like an amazing documentary Sara, I wonder if they are showing it at Liverpool, though I don't think so. I'll be heading there on Friday for Beatles Week, can't wait!

    Thank you for all your wonderful work on this blog - your love for the beatles is shared by all your followers, including me!:-) xx

  2. Have a great time in Liverpool for Beatles Week beat girl! That sounds like such a fun time. :) I don't think they will be showing the Harry Nilsson documentary but I do know that it will be out in DVD everywhere in October of this year. It is worth seeing for sure!

  3. Oh brilliant, I'll catch it on release then, thanks for the tip Sara! Hope you make it to Beatle Week one day too :-)

  4. Hello Sara. The date is actually 28 April 1974.