Monday, August 23, 2010

What album?

Any of you Beatle detectives out there know what album George is holding in this photo? Scanned from Waiting for the Beatles by Carol Bedford. Who is the photographer of this photo?


  1. Dear Sara, either I of my friend Denise took this photo (I have the negative and it´s written in my diary, but I´m working now and can´t look for the exact info). That was the day when we gave him the necklace our friend Regina sent him. He is wearing it in the photo and wore it in Magical Mystery Tour. I don´t know what record he´s holding. The photo is in beautiful color, pink trousers! It´s in my book. Carol used it without our permission.

  2. I figured that this photo of George didn't belong to Carol because it was from 1968 and she wasn't in London until 1969. I think the color version of it must be neat to see! I thought you or a friend might have taken it. It is one of the best photos in her book in my opinion.

  3. Hi Sara! This photo is from 1967. Remember, he wore the necklace in Magical Mystery Tour.