Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roll Up...Roll up for the Mystery Tour

These are said to be never published snapshots of the Beatles during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour (September 1967) taken by Alan Mortimer

Saturday, May 30, 2009

George in a furry coat

Interesting snapshot

To me this looks like a photo one of the Beatles took (John or Paul) while Yoko and Linda were resting in a hotel bed. There is onely one other photo of Yoko and Linda together that I know of, so I think it is interesting to say the least.

Enjoying a coke...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

John and Yoko Toronto 1969

I love Tammy! Thank you!!!

I am sure most of you are aware of Tammy's amazing Beatles photo blog . Well Tammy is really good at cleaning up photos and did some work on a few previous posted photos. So here are som Paul ones re-done for your pleasure. Thanks Tammy!!!!

Paul's blue and white striped shirt

Lately I have been getting a lot of photos of Paul wearing this blue and white stripped T-shirt. The first photo posted here isn't a fan photo, but I am not sure when or where it was taken. Anyone have any information about the time frame of these photos?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swimming with George Harrison

Much thanks to the Beatles friend at the livejournal community that posted this photo. It is MUCH larger than the version I had! And what an awesome photo!

Paul and Jane

I am really glad that Paul ended up marrying Linda, but I have to admit that Jane and Paul were a cute couple during their courtship.

More scans

I scanned these photos from an AWFUL book. It is so bad that I don't even want to give the writer any credit by posting about the book here. Yeah it was THAT bad. However....the photos are great!

Bad scruffs

These fans are hanging out John and Cyn's apartment in London (this was before they had bought their Kenwood home). Some interesting things about this photo is the rude message written on the pillar: "I hate Jane Asher and Pattie Boyde (sic) true hate." There is also written "I love Paul." How rude to write on the front of John's home that you hate Paul and George's girlfriend! Obviously these girls are jealous (can't blame them!) but the did not know Jane or Pattie and had no reason to deface private property saying that they hate them. It must have been difficult to be a "Beatle girl." I also find it interesting that to pass the time the girls were reading Beatles Monthly magazine and some magazine called "The Beatles in America." Judging from the photos on the front of that magazine (Feb 1964), I would guess this photo to be from mid 1964.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John and Yoko on vacation: Niagra Falls 1969

As I may have mentioned before, after photo taken by Beatles fans, my 2nd favorite type of Beatles photo are the private ones. These photos of John and Yoko from June 4, 1969 at Niagra Falls are just those type. After the Bed-in, the newlyweds (having been married in March of that year) went to Niagra Falls for a little honeymoon vacation time. Yoko recently released these photos from that day onto her flickr account (which I quickly stole). I think they are beautiful! But these make me wonder what other little gems Yoko (and other Beatles insiders) are sitting on that might get released to the public someday.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Green Card

Here is the Bob Gruen photo that ended up being used for John's green card (or at least close to it...obviously the same photo session)
John's green card is currently on display at the Rock an droll Hall of fame annex in NYC.

Angry John

I really wish that I had larger copies of these photos. I also wish I knew what exactly was going on here. From what I understand, John was mad at Paul (during the Get Back sessions?) and jumped the fence to Paul's house then he threw something (a rock or a brick?) through Paul's window.

Can anyone clear this one up for me?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grouped togther

Here are some photos I have in my files that are all lumped together. I am always looking for better quality and larger versions, but I take what I can get!