Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John and Yoko on vacation: Niagra Falls 1969

As I may have mentioned before, after photo taken by Beatles fans, my 2nd favorite type of Beatles photo are the private ones. These photos of John and Yoko from June 4, 1969 at Niagra Falls are just those type. After the Bed-in, the newlyweds (having been married in March of that year) went to Niagra Falls for a little honeymoon vacation time. Yoko recently released these photos from that day onto her flickr account (which I quickly stole). I think they are beautiful! But these make me wonder what other little gems Yoko (and other Beatles insiders) are sitting on that might get released to the public someday.....


  1. Amazing pictures! I've been there, and am trying to imagine spotting John and Yoko there!

  2. It's too bad that all those photos that The Beatles took by themselves through their years together will never see the light of day. Judging by the types of things that come to various auctions all over the world, the four of them were certainly 'pack-rats' and held onto a lot of their 'Beatle' stuff through the years (which is very cool)...Can you imagine what Ringo's storage rooms look like so much so that he & Barbara are having that auction that no one I know can even afford the catalogue for? I just have this feeling that Paul's got all his stuff neatly stashed away someplace from those, as well as Olivia having all of George's stuff and of course Ringo's got his stuff...the horrible feeling I have that Yoko has all of John's Beatle stuff tossed about in either one of the rooms in their apartment or some downtown storage facility, just tossed into boxes, not labeled and uncared for...