Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A happy day for the McCartney family


September 26, 1998 -

What a bittersweet day this was for the McCartney family.    They came together to celebrate Mary's wedding day.   Paul walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle.  They arrived in the famous car that took Paul to the premiere of Yellow Submarine in 1968.    But there had to be a sad feeling that beautiful September day because it was the first big gathering after Linda's death.   I am sure she was deeply missing and tears were shed.   


  1. Indeed. By the way - I do not recognize the blonde lady posing with Mary, but behind them you can spot not only John Hammel, but also longtime housekeeper and I would say Ersatz-granny Rose Martin.

  2. which of her weddings was this

    1. The first one, I think. She was also pregnant here, just like Linda was when she married Paul.

  3. I also think that Paul, Jane, Jim McCartney, George and Pattie Harrison arrived in this car for the premiere of How I Won The War in 1967. I've seen it profiled in an issue of Club Sandwich. (MarkZapp)