Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Playboy Party 1978

 July 18, 1978

In 1974, Ringo and Keith Moon were banned from the Playboy Club in Los Angeles.  I guess they weren't banned from all Playboy properties because on this date in 1978, Ringo brought his children and his ex-wife, Maureen along with Keith Moon to a big Playboy family party.   It looks like everyone had a good time -- playing pool, watching hot air balloons, playing pinball,  eating and drinking fancy drinks and it looks like Lee got ahold of a party balloon (which when you are a kid, it is pretty exciting to get to play with a balloon from a grown up party).  


  1. rare to see pics of his kids

  2. Lovely to see them together here.

  3. Date is wrong. The party was on Sunday 16 July and went into the early hours of the 17th.

  4. is that Maureen in the 4th pic? very strange.

  5. Ringo is looking good

    1. And Keith Moon is not. He was 31 yo in that top pic, looks like he's 51 bc of his lifestyle. Moon would die of an overdose less than 2 months after this party.

  6. There is a new Maureen and Lee photo from that event at getty that we've added to our tumblr https://littlequeenies.tumblr.com/post/720946325033795584/august-1978-maureen-starkey-tigrett-also-known and also at getty you'll find another Maureen photo. They are labelled only with the year, but I'll email themnow to update the information :)