Thursday, September 8, 2022

Ringo at the VMAs


September 9, 1992 -  MTV held the Video Music Awards on this date in 1992.   I remember watching it because there was a big to-do about Axel Rose and Kurt Cobain getting into it backstage.   Since  I was a Nirvana fan, I had tuned in to see them and to also see Pearl Jam.    I am certain that I saw Ringo and David Spade do this skit but I just can't recall what it was about. 


  1. David was recreating a role he had on Saturday Night live where he portrayed a snobby lobby person/security person who wouldn't let anybody enter the room. No matter how popular the person was, he had never heard of them. So, at the MTV Video Music Awards, they did the routine and he had never heard of Ringo Starr or The Beatles. Ringo gets to the point where he finally says "alright, I was in The Beatles" and it still doesn't work. I saw the very end of this clip when it first aired. It opened the show. Thankfully, they aired it again as soon as it was over so I videotaped it. I can't believe that it is now 30 years ago!!! (Mark Zapp)
    P.S. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth ll.

  2. Theres a funny link here. Whilst that isn't Doug Bradley who plays PinHead in HellRaiser...the actual actor attended Quarry Bank school in Liverpool.