Thursday, September 8, 2022

In his pocket is a portrait of the Queen


My heartfelt condolences to everyone in England on the passing of their wonderful Queen Elizabeth II.   While I know that she lived a long, full life and touched so many people, it is still sad to get the news today. 

Paul McCartney always seemed to think of the Queen sort of like a mother.   Well, maybe they weren't THAT close, but he always spoke so highly of her.   So I thought in remembrance of the Queen, I would post these photos of her with Paul plus one of her with Stella.   


  1. Paul has spoken that he had a crush on her when she first became Queen. I played Her Majesty (3 different takes) today in her honor. May she rest in peace. (MarkZapp)

  2. rip dear Queen Elizabeth

  3. It is amazing how much Queen Elizabeth was loved all over the world, regardless of one's political beliefs, republican or not. She was a familiar figure to everyone, even outside the UK. Of course I associate it with Our Fab Four, but not only. May she rest in peace. Now there's King Charles III, best wishes to him