Sunday, May 8, 2022

Your Mother Should Know

 Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there.  I know the U.K. celebrated this day a few months ago, but I am in the United States and so I celebrate today.   Of course, I think Mothers should be celebrated all year.    

I wanted to share photos of the Moms (or Mums if you will) that are part of the Beatles' story because they were/are romantically involved with one of the guys and either had a child with that guy or had children before meeting him (or in Jane / Maureen's case -- after).    I tried to get all of the children with their mothers, but I wasn't able to find everyone.  I know that I am missing a few of the kids.   

Dhani and Olivia

Jane and Kate

Linda with Heather, Mary and Stella (Sorry James)

Heather and B.

Nancy and Arlen

Cynthia and Julian 

Yoko with Sean and Kyoko (1994)

Maureen with Zak, Jason & Lee

Barbara and Gianni 


  1. lovely - heather and b are precious; cyn and julian brought tears to my eyes

  2. beautiful snap of Cynthia and Julian

  3. these are all great photos and like 4:28 pm, tears seeing C and J

  4. Barbara has a daughter too, Gianni's sister, Maureen had a daughter during her second marriage, and Jane has also two sons with her husband Gerard Scarffe. Today, these people are grandparents.

    1. Yes -- I am aware. As I mentioned in the intro, I was unable to find photos with all of the children, but I wanted to highlight at least the mother with one of her children.

    2. nice job sara