Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Paul lends a hand

 March 27, 2022 - St Barts

Paul, Nancy and Arlen have been in St. Barts for the past few weeks.   A few days ago they witnessed a little accident between a white car and a quad bike.   Paul stopped to make sure everyone was alright. It doesn't appear to be a serious accident or anything.  What a way to meet Paul McCartney!  


  1. Actually, that's Mary's son Arthur and not Nancy's son Arlen. The press got it wrong and for some reason never seem to learn for their following editions. So they get it wrong in every news story, although they've been corrected several times.

    1. Is that him in the photo? I thought it was one of the people in the accident. I knew that Arthur was on the trip with them and just assumed that Arlen must have been as well. Is it just me or do Arlen and Arthur look a bit alike for people that aren't blood related?

    2. Sorry, I should have phrased that differently.
      I don't think any of the pictures above show Arlen or Arthur.
      I was refering to the article going along with the pictures which stated that Paul was on holiday with his wife Nancy and her son Arlen.
      The Daily Mail ran several stories on the topic over the last few days which included lots of photos showing Paul and his grandson Arthur, whom the description mistook for Arlen. That led me to belive that Arlen was not with them, seeing as he wasn't in any of the photos, wheras as Arthur clearly was pictured while he was never named.
      Over the last few years, I've seen several news stories mistaking Arthur to be Arlen (and Paul's daughter Mary to be Nancy) and I must admit they do look alike, especially when wearing sunglasses or pictured from behind.
      Personally, I think, if they have to follow them on holiday, they could at least get their names right.
      (Please excuse my school English)

  2. "Thanks for stopping. By the way, has anybody ever told you that you look just like Paul McCartney?"