Sunday, March 13, 2022

Paul and Denise

 March 13, 1967 

Denise Werneck always seemed to be able to get the best posed photos with Paul.    I always thought they looked cute together.   For those of you who might not know,  Denise was one of Lizzie Bravo's close friends that came to London from  Brazil slightly before Lizzie got there.

It was hard to post this photo knowing that Lizzie is not going to comment on it.   I am not sure if Lizzie took this photo or not.  Does anyone know?  I am trying to label the ones that she took properly.  


  1. I’m very sure Lizzie took this one. This a photo of Paul and Gayleen Pease, the other vocalist who sang the high parts with her on the track “Across the Universe” by the way.

  2. This is most definetly Denise Werneck