Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Lifted - A Book Review

 Ringo Starr has released a new book called "Lifted."   The book is full of Beatles era photos.  Most of these photos (according to Ringo himself) were ones that he found online over the past few years.  I can't help but wonder if Ringo ever came to this site and found photos of himself and his friends and was inspired to include some of those photos in this book.   There are some of the photos I am certain I have posted on here in the past.  

Anyhow -- the photos are mostly ones that aren't rare or unseen.  There are a few photos (maybe 4) that I had never seen from John and Ringo's trip to Tobago in 1966.  

Ringo has witty and funny things to say about each photo.   Nothing earth-shattering or newsworthy.    However, the things Ringo writes will make you chuckle and smile.   

Lifted is a very quick book to read and it is a light-hearted book which I think is needed right now because so many heavy things are going on.    

Is it a must-have Beatles book?   No -- it doesn't give any new insight into the Beatles at all.   Is it a should - have Beatles book?  Of course!   It is one of the few books that is about The Beatles and written by one of the Beatles!   Plus if you purchase this book, all of the proceeds go to Ringo and Barb's Lotus Foundation charity.   

You can only get this book from Julian's Auctions catalog.  They are selling fast -- so don't wait if you want to buy one.


  1. Why do/did George, Paul and Ringo have to have put out books costing $100.00 or more??? It's not fair!(MarkZapp)

  2. Ringo or assistants would have, surely, for purpose of compiling the book. I have always thought this site was visited by a beatle or 2. PM is the most likely to visit repeatedly, and would be even if all 4 Beatles were still alive, because PM was always the most nostalgic Beatles, and the one who felt it philosophically important to keep in touch with his roots to keep grounded. It's inconceivable to me that PM hasn't visited this site numerous times, and given his 'Fireman' whimsical sensibility, I wouldn't put it past him to have left comments pseudonymously. It's easily within PM's character sensibility to do that. (He could have even written this one, but he didn't, not this time.)

    1. PM is not known for visiting any fan sites

    2. That sounds just like something Paul McCartney would say anonymously on a fan site.

      No one knows for sure what Paul does. Give me my daydream that Paul is at his home, sipping tea and browsing Meet the Beatles... For Real every now and then.

    3. Haha Sara exactly, it does, doesn't it.

  3. love that Ringo does the photo books w/ his comments - always a treasure

  4. Well, Sean for sure does. Ringo (or assistant) could have checked your site.