Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Great photo



  1. October 31, 1963...The Beatles return to London after a short tour of Sweden.

  2. Ed Sullivan witnessed their return to London and the screaming fans and decided to book them on his show. And history was made! (MarkZapp)

  3. Peter Prichard?! Never knew about the backround of the Sullivan Show until reading this --

    Urban legend tells the story that Ed Sullivan first heard about the Beatles when he and his wife were at London airport returning to New York and witnessed 1,500 screaming fans welcoming the Beatles back to England after a successful tour in Sweden. But Ed knew about the Beatles months before that. Jack Babb, who was the Talent Booker for the show, spent summers in Europe scouting acts for the upcoming season. Babb worked with Peter Prichard, a London-based agent who also worked for Sullivan pitching notable talent to Sullivan and Jack Babb throughout the year. Peter Prichard was a friend of Beatles manager Brian Epstein and more than once brought the Beatles to both Babb’s and Ed’s attention. During the summer of 1963 Peter Prichard brought Jack Babb to a Beatles concert to see them in action.