Monday, February 21, 2022

The wives

Photo taken by Mary McCartney 


This photo was taken at Paul's studio in 1995 when Sean and Yoko came to listen to "Real Love" after the three Beatles had finished recording it with John's vocals.    I know that Linda and Yoko were never friends, but it is nice that they could get together and be friendly with one another. 


  1. What a sweet picture!

  2. Superb photo! Thanks Sara.

  3. May I ask where you got that info about date and occasion? Thanks!

    1. A really reliable source: Facebook
      The person that posted the information seems to know her stuff about Linda and it seems to fit with the right timeframe.

    2. Thanks. It could be correct, and the timeframe is certainly close, but I got slightly different info from someone else with a Facebook page and allegedly 'connections'. It's a pity that Mary posted it without giving a date.
      In any case - beautiful photo!