Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Some Paul photos taken by Lizzie Bravo

All photos taken by Lizzie Bravo 


I am still very upset about Lizzie and decided to share some of my favorite photographs that she took of the Beatles between 1967 - 1969.    Lizzie was quite a skilled photographer, especially for a teenager with just a regular camera.    I love the candid snapshots of The Beatles taken by fans because they show a different side to the Beatles that you don't see in the posed photographs.   Lizzie's photos really bring out the personality and  individual traits of each of the boys. 


  1. Lizzie Bravo was in on history in a way that surpassed any journalist.

  2. These photos are beautiful. You are right; her photos (and fan photos in general) bring out sides you don't always see in posed photos. You know what's so cool about Lizzie? She didn't publish her book in English! :D She's so obviously above it all. You know where her English remembrances are? THIS blog. You have to go page by page, every post, read all the comments.......but she's still here, on this blog. For free. Unbelievable woman. She was proudly Brazilian and especially of her association with the great Brazilian musicians of her time which included Milton Nasciemento, Cateono Veloso.....in one of her emails, I believe she referred to the great (and very Beatles-influenced) Os Mutantes as her friends. Her daughter is a musician and was very, very excited and proud of her.
    But with all that - she never gave up on our boys, did she? She was always here. She was always sharing. She was always giving. She was always making time. I am kicking myself for being out of the loop, and missing out on talking with her more. I can't stop weeping. I hope she knows how much she was loved. Her Instagram page is beautiful. She must have lived right by this mountain with a beautiful cross on top of it because she has lots of pictures of it, at night, day, all times of year.
    Thanks for selecting these incredible photos, Sara. I don't even know where to start.....but luckily, you have been so amazing about tagging all these photos from over the years, that I suppose I just have to follow the yellow brick road.

    What a loss.