Tuesday, October 5, 2021

George Harrison by Lizzie Bravo

All photos taken by Lizzie Bravo 



  1. So sorry, something just surfaced in my head, I thought this post would be a great place to share it. One day, I was listening to a bootleg from the "Let It Be" sessions, I was listening through the complete 80 hours of available audio from those January '69 rehearsals and sessions. And all of a sudden, John and George start talking about "Across The Universe". (This may be on the very first day, and it's before Paul or Ringo have gotten there). John says something about trying to do that song again, and George says he was just listening to the acetate of the original (Wildlife) version the other night and was loving it. John says he's not sure how it had worked out with the backing singers. George says with an emphatic laugh and smile in his voice: "No, the girls were great!"
    I hear this, and I immediately extract it and I send it to Lizzie. She wrote me back all excited....she had never heard it, she had never heard any Beatle "verdict" on their recording together, and (if I remember correctly) she told me that she had always wondered. I'm so happy and proud that I got to give her something back like that. I'm going to actually see if I can find that email, and maybe I'll post her specific remarks. The thought of Lizzie not getting to see the new "Get Back" documentary crushes my soul. I had just seen the new trailer minutes before when I found out about what had happened. It's going to be bittersweet watching that; I would have LOVED to have seen her reaction to it, to hear her weigh in with her memories, her thoughts. I guess it was just not be.
    Love these photos of George, Lizzie.....the man who thought you and Gayleen sounded great.

  2. the incredible one & only George Harrison; miss you