Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The picture


For as long as I have been a Beatles fan, I swear I have been trying to figure out information about this picture that hung near Derek Taylor's desk at the Apple offices on Savile Row.   Sure this is a nice enough photo of Peter Brown, but it is the picture above him that I care about.   

I have never seen this photo outside of being in the background of photos taken inside of Apple offices.  This is the best version I have seen.    It appears to have been taken backstage during the 1965 U.K. tour in the Winter of 1965.   People have speculated that the girl is Maureen Cleeve, but I really don't think it is.    Again I will ask -- does anyone know anything about who is the photo, where it was taken and why it was hanging in Derek Taylor's office?    


  1. The guy at the back of the photo doesn't look like JL and is too tall for JL. But then I thought, wait a minute, the 'JL' image is a separate photo poster pinned up on the wall behind the other 3 Beatles. So maybe the girl is the photographer? Remember the woman photographer who first photographed The Beatles jumping mid-air in 1963 that later became a motif of a lot of photos? I forget her name, but could the woman be her?

    1. Of course it's John Lennon. You better get your eyes checked. (MarkZapp)

  2. Not 100% sure but I believe she was a member of the Apple staff and most likely Derek's secretary. This link shows the girl i question with Paul. She has a slightly different hairstyle but similar fashion tastes and she was obviously quite small. http://www.mccartney.com/?p=9068 (sorry, you'll have to copy and paste)

  3. The woman is Mavis Smith, who was an assistant for Derek. The photo is from December 5, 1965 at Empire Theatre in Liverpool.