Monday, February 15, 2021

Who is this lady?


These photos were taken on November 15, 1976 in Chicago.    According to the fans that were eyewitnesses to this event, they say that George grabbed Olivia and started dancing.  Previously I only had the bottom photo, but now that I have the top photo, I am doubting that it is a photo of Olivia.  Admittedly I am not familiar with how Olivia looked in 1976.   This very well could be her since that is what the people that were there said.   They would know better than a photograph.    What do you think?   Is it obviously Olivia or some mystery girl?  


  1. Definitely NOT Olivia.

  2. This woman doesn't look anything like Olivia, certainly not back then:

  3. So I am NOT crazy for thinking she does not look like Olivia. Typically I trust eye witness accounts written after events, but this one didn't look right. Maybe the fans in 1976 weren't exactly sure what Olivia looked like.

    So who is the lucky girl that George grabbed to dance with?

  4. I originally thought it might be Laraine Newman, one of the original "Saturday Night Live" cast members. Since this is 1976 and George did SNL along with Paul Simon in November of that year -- looking much like he does here -- I thought maybe it was her. But when I enlarge the pic, it doesn't look quite like Laraine either.

  5. She looks a little like rock critic Lisa Robinson but I haven't been able to verify that anywhere. I agree, not Olivia.

    1. I agree there's a strong similarity, but I think Lisa's nose in profile is a little smaller. It's certainly not Laraine Newman.

  6. It definitely doesn't look like Olivia when comparing these photos with photos of her during this Thirty-Three & 1/3 promo trip. A press or music business representative is my best guess. Previous comments mentioned Lisa Robinson, which is possible since she interviewed George around this time. Another possibility is Chicago Tribune rock critic Lynn Van Matre; she interviewed George for the newspaper that day.