Friday, December 25, 2020

A very happy Christmas to all of you.

Many thanks go to Karen D. for sending me this awesome Christmas card this year. 


Happy Christmas to all members of the Meet the Beatles ... for Real.    I am so thankful that each of you have chosen to join this virtual Beatles fan club.   This has been such an exhausting and emotional year for all of us.   My hope is that you came here now and again and were able to smile.    The Beatles always seem to know how to bring us joy.    

I hope that Santa has been good to all of you and you found McCartney III, or the Plastic Ono Band, or a new Beatles book in your stocking this year.    And if you didn't -- then I hope you got some money or a gift card to buy yourself some Beatles goodies for yourself. 

I truly wish all of you a happy day and a great weekend.   

Peace and Love,

Sara (Starshyne)


  1. Merry Xmas, Sara, and everyone who visits this blog!That is indeed a lovely card.

  2. Happy Christmas Sara. (MarkZapp)

  3. Merry christmas Sara ...keep up the good work 😊

  4. Merry Xmas, Sara. This site is the first thing I look at every day, and your efforts are very, very appreciated! Have a wonderful New Year!