Monday, November 16, 2020

Ringo rocks the odd socks


Ringo posted this yesterday:  Peace, Love and Odd Socks - I'm wearing these in support of #OddSocksDay to celebrate individuality and Unite Against Bullying

#Thekidsareunited #Unitedagainstbullying #antibullyingweek

As someone that was bullied in middle/high school for being a Beatles fan (among a million other reasons), I appreciate Ringo standing up against bullying.    I also like to wear mismatched socks, just because I am strange and now I will just say it is because I am against bullies.  

Side note:   I will never get enough posts about Beatle member's socks.  


  1. I loved your comments on this post. I, too, was bullied for about a million reasons. Ringo has been my favorite Beatle since I saw him in "A Hard Day's Night" when I was 3 years old.

    Keep up the great work! I love the blog.

  2. That is the longest Ringo has had his hair in DECADES! Sure there's some coloring…… still that does NOT look like an 80- year old man! NO WAY!

    1. I wonder if his longer hair is due to Covid and not allowing people in or going out for hair cuts. Ringo sure does look good and when you add that he is 80 years old, he looks REALLY good.

  3. looking back Paul was the cute one but Ringo has aged so much better than him - looks great

  4. Well I guess if Paul dyed his hair and his beard and wore tinted specs to cover up all the sags and wrinkles he'd be looking pretty good too ...