Wednesday, November 18, 2020

George on SNL in 1976

Photo by Bob Gruen 

My mind isn't working lately, but I am pretty sure November 18, 1976 was when George and Paul Simon recorded their performance  on Saturday Night Live.   One of my all time favorite performances.    But when I look I see November 20 given as the date.   My memory is all scrambled, but I thought the performance was not recorded live, but two days earlier. 


  1. You are correct. Taped Nov 18 in New York; Broadcast Nov 20.

    1. Thank you! Finally I remembered something correctly!

  2. The book "The Beatles - After the break up 1970 - 2000" by Keith Badmann says: Friday November 19. In New York in Studio 8-H George and Paul Simon record several songs for the NBC TV Show "Saturday night live". The broadcast which takes place the following day, includes acoustic performances of "Here comes the sun" and "Homeward bound", as well as the promotional films for "Crackerbox Palace" and "This song". Also reheared (and taped) by George and Paul are performances of "Bye bye love", a brief snippet of "Don't let me wait too long", "Yesterday", "Bridge over troubled water", "Rock island line, a brief "Flight of the Valkyries" and a reprise of "Here Comes the sun".

  3. The book "The Beatles - After th breakup - 1970 - 2000" by Keith Badman says, it was Friday November 19. The broadcast takes place the following day.