Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The last photos of John and Cynthia

                   photo by Peter Bosari (I'd really appreciate this photo not being spread around the Internet)
                                                            Photo most likely taken by Mal Evans


Just when you think you'd seen all of the photographs of John and Cynthia from the Lost Weekend period...BOOM!  Mojo magazine comes out with this colored gem!    The date and location of the photo that Mojo put on the color photo is totally wrong.   The first two photos were taken on January 10, 1974 and the color photo was taken January 14, 1974 at the same time the gang all went to a TV studio and Julian met Jodie Foster and everyone from the then unknown Happy Days TV show. 


  1. You called it Sara. BOOM indeed!

  2. Very odd to take a photo with the security guard. Definitely this was not the only photo from this day. Also dreaming that someone from the studio snuck to film John's visit with the cast. Did Jodie Foster ever mention the Lennon camp surprise visit?

  3. thank you May Pang for being so kind w/ Julian and Cynthia and being concerned that the kid should see his dad; seriously doubt John's affection toward Julian

  4. Was the color photo taken in Florida or Los Angeles?