Wednesday, September 23, 2020

McCartney III

 I've heard that Paul is putting out McCartney III by the end of this year.    If I was Paul's band, I would be worried because he put out McCartney I at the end of the Beatles and McCartney II at the end of Wings.  


  1. evidence rules but ... at this stage rehearse a new accompaning bad would be tough. Unless you join forces with peers but aging counts too.

  2. It's a triple Good news: A new album for Paul, new project and Paul's gonna changes his musicians.:) :) I don't really like his actual musicians, i don't realy like their sound. Really not Beatles sound or maybe i've seen them too much!!! ;) (In France those musicians were with Jonny Hallyday and Mylene Farmer before Macca, so... )

  3. liked his musicians; maybe it's just time for them to experience different venue