Thursday, August 13, 2020

Remembering Johnny Dean


Sad news came from Mark Lewisohn this weekend.  Sean  O'Mahony aka Johnny Dean passed away on July 21, 2020.    

Sean was the founder of the wonderful Beatle Book Monthly Magazine.   When The Beatles first took off in the U.K.  in 1963, he had the wonderful idea to start a magazine for the band.    The magazine came out every month from 1963 - 1969.   It was full of news, interviews, article, and lots of beautiful photographs.   The Beatle Book Monthly was a mainstay in the life of a Beatles fan in the 1960s, especially the fans in the U.K.   American fans treasured the magazine as well.   It might have white-washed the Beatles, but it still was THE place to get the best Beatles news. 

Sean started re-releasing Beatle Book Monthly in the 1970s and then started publishing new issues until 2003.   To this day, all of the magazines are a treasure trove of information and photos you can't find anywhere else.   

So I want to take the time to remember Sean O'Mahony and thank him for putting out one of the finest Beatles magazines of all time.   Rest in Peace Johnny!  


  1. One of the most fascinating BM's was one of the final 1969 editions, when Sean ripped The Beatles for a number of things (long hair, difficult to work with, etc). Which must have been startling at the time, since the publication was a rah rah piece for the band. Anyways, thanks for all your work over the years Sean. RIP.

  2. He wasn't happy about the drugs either