Sunday, July 12, 2020

George and Olivia go to a Bob Marley concert

July 13, 1975

I've read way too many comments on Facebook that state that George never met Bob Marley and that the photo of them shaking hands is photoshopped.   Here is a set of photos showing George and his then girlfriend, Olivia backstage with Bob Marley.    It is real.  Please stop staying it isn't.


  1. Do you have a bunch of youngsters as viewer's? Lol. I've seen some of these photos since the 1970's! Certainly real.

    1. People on Facebook seem really quick to say, "It's fake. It's photoshopped" to photos that THEY have never seen before. I am not sure if the same people visit this site or not --- but I try to stop the spread of "It's photoshopped" whenever I can (that is unless it IS a doctored photo).

  2. Of course George met Bob. In fact, it always annoyed Eric Clapton that George met him but Eric never did. Not that he was mad at George, more like "Aw, I never got to meet Marley. But George did!"

    And I always liked this photo of Olivia.