Wednesday, May 20, 2020

25 years goes by so fast

All photos taken by Linda McCartney 

It is hard for me to comprehend that it has been 25 years since these three guys sat down and had Linda take these great photos.  I like this photoshoot because all three of them seem to be happy.


  1. Hard to believe that in the 50 years between 1970 and today, this was the halfway point. I have tried to collect every possible item I could find on the Anthology/reunion. For me, it was the only time that I could remember The Beatles being together as an active band, no matter no briefly it lasted. I sure as hell was that excited by all of it. It was the first time that I could hear NEW Beatles songs. I loved every minute of this project. Especially loved seeing new photos of Paul, George and Ringo posed together as THE BEATLES. ❤️

  2. I love these photos.

  3. Ringo with the shades there doing John from the Walls and Bridges album. Love it.

    Still remember that night in 1995 when the Anthology show aired on tv. I was 33. First time that i would hear a new Beatles song along with the rest of the world. Chills. Will always remember where i was when FAAB first aired that nite.

  4. Paul & Ringo - great, always nice to see.

    George & Ringo - ditto.

    To me, the amazing part of these photos is Paul & George. There are few photos of them together outside of the Anthology project, and whether George took part for the money, or to finally wind up the Beatles' legacy or whatever, it's both strange and fascinating at the same time. I wish they could have done more than just a half-hearted acoustic jam, but at least we have what we have.

  5. nice but sad without John