Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Jerry Lewis Telethon

I've been looking for a photo of Ringo performing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon for years.    A long time ago someone was in a lively discussion with me claiming that Ringo did not perform on the Jerry  Lewis Telethon in 1979.  He only answered the telephones.    I said that he did perform.  Then I was asked to supply a photograph or video, which I could not do.   However --- today I can!   Here is Ringo playing the drums at the Jerry Lewis Telethon in 1979.


  1. Hi Sara, this is from the Jerry Lewis telethon. Jerry Lee Lewis is a rock and roller from the 50’s that the Beatles loved. Two different people.

  2. Hi Sara, it's just Jerry Lewis (the comedian), your naming Jerry Lee Lewis (the artist)

  3. Oops -- I really messed that up didn't I? Confession time. I knew that there was a comedian and a singer both named Jerry Lewis. I know that they are two different people that aren't related. But I honest to God my entire life through they both were named "Jerry LEE Lewis." Two different people with the exact same name. I have ALWAYS called it the Jerry Lee Lewis telethon for M.S. I watched it over Labor Day Weekend for years and years and no one ever corrected me on it. Oops!