Thursday, February 6, 2020

So cool

Photos by Bob Gruen


  1. These photos remind me of the shots of John, Paul & Ringo at Central Park on their first visit to New York in 1964 (when George was ill at the hotel).

  2. Actually it was early 1973. John, Yoko, their assistant Nadya and photograper Bob Gruen took a ride in Greenwich, CT, looking for a home for the english pair who was tired of living in small flat at the Village in NYC. In the end they remained in NYC and went to the Dakota Building.

    1. You are right. For some reason I thought it was late 1972. Thanks for the correct info and for not being rude about it.

  3. Try looking for more books from Bob Gruen.. especially the "Yoko Ono" editions. I've seen a couple in used books stores and they do offer some rare photos of John not shown in the internet. I found a "Yoko Ono - The New York Years" book that had some great rare photos. Hard to find any used copies online.

  4. If they would have bought in Greenwich, we would have John and Keith Richards living in the same town, just imagine that

  5. You're right. January 5, 1973 Greenwich, Connecticut.