Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Love those Threetles

Photo by Linda McCartney 

The whole "Threetles" thing ticked me off back in 1995 because it was sad to see the photos of the "old" Beatles without John.   But now -- 25 years later (can you even believe?) I am glad they had these photos taken.    That is one snazzy jacket you have on there, Paul


  1. I LOVED any Anthology/reunion related thing out there and tried to collect as much of it as I could. I knew what a rare occasion it was to see the three of them posing together, especially to promote a Beatles project. For me, it was the greatest thing since the arrival of the original Beatles, which I was too young to remember. (MarkZapp)

  2. makes me think paul is trying to look like john here

  3. They should’ve made a cardboard cutout of John and posed with him for a few snaps to have a laff.